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Pix Politics is the festival’s arena for film and conversations. Read about the highlighted topics in this year’s program!

Each year, Oslo Pix zoom in on selected, current issues under the vignette Pix Politics, and the films selected for this year's section cover a wide range of topics: from climate policy ambitions and the decay of capitalism, to online grooming, the path to a more sustainable food system and a lack of trust in governments.

"This year's Pix Politics is composed of five acutely relevant documentaries that highlight some of the major issues of our time. The mandate of this section is to use quality documentaries to shed light on these issues in new and refreshing ways. Little is as engaging and provocative as a good documentary!" says project manager Gjermund Granlund.

Gjermund Granlund 1

Gjermund Granlund, project manager of Pix Politics. Photo: Karin Beate Nøsterud.

In the Danish film 70/30, we get an intimate insight into how Danish politicians work to solve the world's biggest problem; climate change. In Caught in the Net, we witness how abusers enter the chat platforms of children with the worst intentions. The Monopoly of Violence revolves around the violent demonstrations organized by the yellow vests on Champs-Élysses in Paris.

PP Monopoly 2

Conversation about the contract of power and breach of trust in conjunction with The Monopoly of Violence. Bernt Hagtvet, Ingeborg Misje Bergem, Tove Gravdal and Torgeir Brenden. Photo: Karin Beate Nøsterud.

In Oeconomia, director Carmen Losmann makes the claim that the prevailing economic theories are about to guide us right over the cliff with their eternal pursuit of growth. In First we Eat, we follow a family of five in northern Canada, who embarks on a culinary mission to eat only what is possible to obtain in their local area for one year. Although the family's project is overly radical, it raises important questions about where, and how, the food we rely so heavily on is produced.

PP First we Eat 1

This panel will discuss local food and sustainability, which is the topic of First We Eat. From left: Alexandra Devik, Tommy Østhagen, Nora May Engeseth and Andreas Viestad. Photo: Karin Beate Nøsterud.

All of the conversations this year are pre-recorded. They will be streamed from Oslo Pix' Facebook page during the festival, and will be available to watch at our digital platform.

The Pix Politics section is supported by the Fritt Ord Foundation.

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