31. May - 10. Jun
Digital Festival
Digital panel talk Available from 31. May

This film is available on our digital platform.

70/30 provides a unique insight into the cooperation between climate activists and politicians in Denmark, which resulted in a seemingly radical and binding climate law.

How radical are the goals the Danes have set themselves and how do they compare to Norwegian climate targets? What are the biggest challenges facing Norwegian politicians, and how do Norwegian climate organisations work to influence politicians to make important climate choices for the future?

Joining the conversation is Bård Lahn, researcher at the CICERO Centre for Climate Research, Therese Hugstmyr Woie, leader of Nature and Youth Norway, and Johan Hermstad Reinertsen, Advisor in Future in Our Hands. The conversation is led by Turid Sylte, journalist focusing on climate and politics in the newspaper Vårt Land.

The Pix Politics program is supported by the Fritt Ord Foundation.

PP 7030 2

Turid Sylte in conversation with Bård Lahn, Therese Hugstmyr Woie, and Johan Hermstad Reinertsen. Photo: Karin Beate Nøsterud.

Practical info:

The film 70/30 will be digitally available for rent on Oslo Pix' screening platform. We recommend watching the film prior to the conversation.

The conversation will be streamed on Facebook Monday, May 31 at 21:00. See Facebook event. The conversation will be available on our digital screening platform throughout the festival.

The conversation will be held in Norwegian.

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