Constant interruptions, endless meetings and emails, and more middle managers than you can keep track of. Is there something wrong with the way we work? With much humor John Webster’s THE HAPPY WORKER looks into our everyday work life. 

After the film director John Webster joins a panel about life in the hamster wheel – aka our modern work life – and discusses whether it is possible to imagine a society where we work a bit less and live a bit more. 

Panel participants:

  • John Webster – Director, THE HAPPY WORKER
  • Marie Storli – Rethinking Economics
  • Anja Bakken Riise – Future in our hands 


  • Linn Stalsberg

Practical information:

  • The screening takes place in Salongen at Vega Scene, Thursday 30.08. 
  • Finno serves refreshments from 17:00. 
  • The screening begins at 17:30. 
  • Conversation after the screening.


  • Samfunnsviterne
  • Rethinking Economics
  • Finno

Pix Politics

Film is an excellent medium to convey insight and knowledge of complex societal issues. With film as the starting point PIX POLITICS will be a window into the world around us and give us knowledge and reflections on the society around us and inspire engagement and action.

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