Thu 31.08
21:00 - 22:33
Vega 1

Mariam is in her mid-20s and lives a messy life in Oslo. One day her estranged sister calls with a shocking message: They have to bury their father for a second time.

A few years earlier – right after her father’s passing – Mariam showed up stoned at his funeral and had a laughing fit at the worst possible time. Out of shame, she moved from the small Norwegian town to Oslo. Now she must return for the first time since she ran away.


Frøydis Fossli Moe is an experienced film director with a master's degree in film direction from Screen Academy Scotland and art studies from OsloMet. Frøydis is known for directing films that resonate with the audience's humanity, portraying deeply felt issues with a handheld camera and snappy dialogue.

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Indie: Oslo

Original title Fuckings bygda

Country Norway

Year 2023

Director Frøydis Fossli Moe

Screenplay Frøydis Fossli Moe, Maria Wiik

Cinematography Karoline Sødal Sellæg

Producer Frøydis Fossli Moe, Maria Wiik

Cast Mina Dale, Vilde Moberg, Maria Wiik, Gard Løkke, Lisa Jarli, Tani Dibasey, Brede Fristad

Production Company Frøydis Fossli Moe, Maria Wiik

Runtime 1h 13m

Language Norwegian

Subtitles English

Genre Drama

Format DCP

Age limit 12

This film is in competition for the Audience Award.

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