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In this Danish drama-comedy, Solvej and Kate find each other through a common dream of a better life, but the road there is difficult and full of obstacles.

For Solvej, life in a Danish smalltown is sad and lonely. She is looking back in longing for the memories of a time gone by, and the highlight of her everyday life is a trip around town in her electric wheelchair with her dog. All she wants is to run away from it all, from the sadness and loneliness, to the sunny Spanish coast. To finance this dream, she spends her time selling pills. And through her drug dealing she meets Kate, who quickly becomes her partner in crime.

But one day all the money saved up for Spain disappears. Her life is turned upside down and her friendship to Kate is put to the test. Friendship, closeness and being different is woven together in Miss Viborg. Director Marianne Blicher has made a quirky drama comedy in which we are drawn near the characters and can empathize with the hard realities of their lives, all while we are taken on the road trip of a lifetime, destination Malaga.

Line Vedal Størkersen


Marianne Blicher grew up in Viborg. She is a director, screenwriter and visual artist, and has her education from the film school Super16 in Denmark. She has a master’s degree in communication and has worked with theater and film. Miss Viborg is her feature film debut, and she has won several awards for her short films at festivals around the world.

This film is part of

Nordic Fiction

Original title Miss Viborg

Country Denmark

Year 2022

Director Marianne Blicher

Screenplay Rasmus Blich, Marianne Blicher

Cinematography Martin Munch

Producer Eva Jakobsen, Mikkel Jersin, Katrin Pors

Cast Ragnhild Kaasgaard, Isabella Møller Hansen, Kristian Halken

Production Company Snowglobe Films

Runtime 1h 39m

Language Danish

Subtitles English

Genre Drama, Comedy

Format DCP

Age limit 9

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