Wed 31.08
21:15 - 22:46
Ringen 6
Thu 01.09
12:00 - 13:31
Ringen 4
Sat 03.09
16:00 - 17:31
Vega 3

So Damn Easy Going is a comical and intimate film about having ADHD, falling in love, survival mechanisms and daring to show who you are.

Joanna is 18 years old, has ADHD and lives with her depressed father. When she runs out of ADHD medicines and the little family can’t afford to buy more, an intense hunt for money begins, a hunt that is both embarrassing and dangerous. Without her medicine she becomes «so damn difficult» so she is willing to go far to get her hands on the one thing that can calm her down. While all this is happening she meets Audrey, a confident and smart girl who is attracted to Joanna’s spontaneity and energy. Opposites might attract, but can this relationship work?

Per Eirik Gilsvik

The screening on September 1st is a special screening and will therefore be screened with the light on and at a lower volume.


Christoffer Sandler is a Swedish screenwriter and director, educated as a TV producer from the Swedish Medieinstitutet. He has directed and written for several TV series. So Damn Easy Going is his first feature film.

This film is part of

Nordic Fiction Competition Queer Cultural Year

Original title Så jävla easy going

Country Sweden

Year 2022

Director Christoffer Sandler

Screenplay Christoffer Sandler, Lina Åström, Jessika Jankert og Linda-Maria Birbeck

Cinematography Nea Asphäll

Producer Annika Hellström og Erika Malmgren

Cast Tuva Albino, Emil Algpeus, Mats Blomgren

Production Company Cinenic Film Sverige

Runtime 1h 31m

Language Swedish

Subtitles English

Genre Humour, Drama

Format DCP

Age limit 12

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