Fri 02.09
18:00 - 20:05
Ringen 1

In Södre Ryd, a suburb outside of Gothenburg, you never betray your friends without facing serious consequences.The most important rule: You never betray your buddies without facing serious consequences.

Director Izer Aliu's film 12 DARES revolves around exactly this scenario and follows 16-year-old Fuad who experiences the consequences after leaving his leader Salle during a fight. Fuad is frozen out of the gang, and to be taken in again he has to prove his loyalty through 12 different dares – the one more problematic than the next. 

After the screening of 12 DARES we invite to an afterparty at Aku Aku. Everyone are welcome! You do not have to have a ticket to the screening to come. 

The event is a collaboration with Mer Film. 

Praktical information: 

The film screening is in Ringen Supreme Friday 02.09 at 18:00. 

There will be a Q&A with director Izer Aliu before the film. 

After the screening we invite to a premiere party at Aku Aku from 20:00. 

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