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18:00 - 19:53
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Roy is a shabby postman with questionable professional ethics, an indifferent attitude to personal hygiene, and a special ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

One day he sees a young woman forget her keys in the mailbox. He grabs the keys and starts snooping around her apartment. This starts a voyeur-influenced infatuation but also leads him to come into contact with dubious figures in Oslo's underworld. Junk Mail is something as rare as a hilariously funny and great Norwegian comedy. At the same time, Pål Sletaune’s debut film is not just a fun romp; he presents himself as a stylish director with a sharp and ironic ability to observe and a well-developed sense of dark humor.

«I’ve been hearing about Junk Mail ever since last year’s Sundance festival. People would mention it with that little smile that suggests a lot is being left unsaid.»
- Roger Ebert (1998) -

Cinemateket i Oslo

Portrait Oslo

After the screening follows a discussion about the significant role of cinematography in film. Kjell Vassdal created a unique visual universe in Junk Mail with his cinematography.

We meet director Pål Sletaune and cinematographer Kjell Vassdal, in conversation with film photographer John Andreas Andersen.

The screening is done in collaboration with The Norwegian Society of Cinematographers (FNF).

The conversation will last for 30 minutes.

The conversation will be in Norwegian.

Junk Mail is one of three films in the section Portrait Oslo, curated by director Jannicke Systad Jacobsen.


Pål Sleutane (1960) is a Norwegian cinematographer and director. He studied Art History at the University of Bergen and Literature Studies at the University of Oslo. He has received several awards for his work, among them the Critic’s Award and the Amanda Award for Best Feature Film for Junk Mail (1997).

This film is part of

Portrait Oslo

Original title Budbringeren

Country Norway

Year 1997

Director Pål Sletaune

Screenplay Jonny Halberg, Pål Sletaune

Cinematography Kjell Vassdal

Producer Peter Bøe, Dag Nordahl

Cast Robert Skjærstad, Andrine Sæther, Per Egil Aske, Eli Anne Linnestad, Trond Høvik, Ådne Olav Sekkelsten, Trond Fausa, Henriette Steenstrup, Bjørn Sundquist, Karl Sundby

Runtime 1h 23m

Language Norwegian

Genre Comedy, Suspense

Format 35mm

Age limit 15

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