Wed 31.08
17:00 - 18:33
Schous Plass

Pack your picnic basket, rush to the kindergarten and AKS and surprise your kids with dinner at the free open air cinema!

All outdoor family screenings are in Norwegian.

Ben and his mute younger sister Saoirse are living with their dad in a lighthouse at an island by the sea. One day strange things begin to happen and before they know it they find themselves taken on a great adventure - in a world with seals, giants, myths and magic. Saoirse is in fact the last selkie and now she must find her voice and sing the song of the sea in order to save selkies from extinction.

Song of the Sea is a fantasy for both kids and adults. It is inspired by an Irish myth about the selkies - creatures that are half seal, half human - and tells us about a brother and sister’s fabolous voyage through myths, magic and forgotten secrets of the past.


Oslo Pix Open Air Cinema:

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Outdoor screenings are in Norwegian.

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Outdoor Cinema at Schous Plass Family Films

Original title Song of the Sea

Country Irland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark

Year 2014

Director Tomm Moore

Screenplay Will Collins

Cast Henrik Folke-Olsen Hellum, Ane Brun, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Lise Fjeldstad, Trond-Viggo Torgersen, Johannes Joner, Christian Skolmen, Per Skjølsvik, Josephine Østergaard.

Production Company Cartoon Saloon

Distribution Arthaus

Runtime 1h 33m

Language Norwegian

Genre Animation, Family

Format DVD

Age limit 6

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