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A narcissistic YouTuber tries to win back his followers with a livestream from a haunted house, but provokes more than just his sponsors.

Shawn Ruddy makes a living doing questionable stunts on YouTube. After a controversial stunt backfired, he’s been without income for six months. To win back the attention of the internet, he defies his fear of ghosts and livestreams himself spending one night in a haunted house. There he must confront forces more powerful than demonetization.

Joseph Winter, who directs the movie with his wife Vanessa, plays the lead in this horror comedy. If you think that the found footage horror-genre has grown stale,Deadstream will surprise you with its original take. The buildup is genuinely scary, and it won’t be just Shawn who’ll be screaming as things start to happen. Deadstream is a wonderful mix of dread and humor with handmade special effects.

Kristoffer Holen


Deadstream is the debut of husband and wife-duo Joseph and Vanessa Winter. They’ve made a couple of shorts involving supernatural creatures prior to this. Thanks to the pandemic, they got help from a special effects guy who’d been laid off from a theme park. They’ve achieved a lot with very little resources.

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Festival Favorites

Original title Deadstream

Country USA

Year 2022

Director Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter

Screenplay Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter

Cinematography Jared Cook

Producer Jared Cook, Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter, Melanie Stone

Cast Joseph Winter, Melanie Stone

Production Company Winterspectre Entertainmen

Distribution Blue Finch Films Releasing

Runtime 1h 27m

Language English

Subtitles No subtitles

Genre Horror, Comedy

Format DCP

Age limit 15

Links IMDb

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