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Persona Non Grata is a comedy drama about growing up. In connection with her brother's wedding, Laura must return home to her family in the country, after a period of distancing herself from them in favour of an artistic and hip life in Copenhagen. Back home, Laura snorts at the family's outdated values ​​and ignorance of topics such as vegetarian food, art and culture. She is also offended that her mother constantly calls her Laura, despite the fact that her name is now Irina.

In short, Laura is angry because her parents never understood her, and that they did not stand up for her when she was bullied as a child. When it turns out that the woman her brother is about to marry is Catrine, Laura's childhood nemesis, the stage is set for conflict and rivalry. Because, even if Laura is not exactly proud of her family background, she does not like the idea of Catrine taking her place in the family.

Persona Non Grata is funny, entertaining and highly recognizable, revolving around the classic conflict between urbanites and villagers. The family drama and comic situations that the intrigues evoke are reminiscent of Woody Allen's pampered, self-centred characters. Who looks down on whom, and who has suffered the most in this story?

Andrea Regine Meyer


Lisa Jespersen (b. 1988) is a Danish director and screenwriter who graduated from the Danish Film School in 2017 with the short film September, which garnered good reviews. Her feature film debut Persona Non Grata premiered at the Gothenburg International Film Festival earlier this year, and was nominated for a Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film. The script is loosely based on Jespersen's own experiences of growing up in the countryside.

This film is part of

Nordic Fiction Cinema Screenings

Original title Hvor kragerne vender

Country Denmark

Year 2021

Director Lisa Jespersen

Screenplay Lisa Jespersen, Sara Isabella Jønsson Vedde

Cinematography Manuel Alberto Claro

Producer Daniel Mühlendorph

Cast Rosalinde Mynster, Bodil Jørgensen, Jens Jørn Spottag, Adam Ild

Production Company Hyæne Film

Runtime 1h 31m

Language Danish

Subtitles English

Genre Drama, Comedy

Age limit 12

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