13-year-old Coco is obsessed with fashion, and really sticks out from the crowd when she starts high school. Coco soon realises that not everyone really appreciates her unique and colourful style, and begins to find it difficult to truly be herself. The film is based on a children’s book by popular Dutch author Niki Smith. The story is full of relatable characters and situations, which makes it easy to follow even if the spoken language is Dutch (we’re screening it with Norwegian subtitles).

100% Coco might send your thoughts to teen movie hits such as Mean Girls and Clueless, but is definitely on the lighter and less harsh side – so it is suited for a younger audience. It presents a nice mixture of outer and inner beauty, with fashion and identity in the centre of things. The title character is played by now 15-year-old Nola Kemper, who will soon star in the second film about stylish Coco. This could soon become a popular series of films amongst tween fashion fans – with its combination of inspiring costumes and a wholesome message.

Original title 100% Coco

Year 2017

Director Tessa Schram

Screenplay Niki Smit (roman), Anne-Louise Verboon, Maarten van der Broek, Marie Kiebert

Cast Nola Kemper, Valentijn Avé, Merel de Zwart

Production Company TDMP

Runtime 1h 28m

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