Tue 30.08
20:00 - 22:14
Ringen 3

Inhabitants of The Faroe Islands have for centuries hunted pilot whales, but today this hunt is condemned by international activists. This type of hunting was a necessity to get food back in the day, but today we can get whatever we want from the grocery store; Do we still need this bloody tradition? 

After the screening of A TASTE OF WHALE we will dive into the whale hunt debate. Is it ok to eat whale meat? And if whale hunting is not threatening to the species population, is it any more wrong to eat whale than sausages and beef? 

Director Vincent Kelner joins a conversation with Norwegian experts on food and animal welfare after the film. 

Panel participants: 

  • Vincent Kelner – Director, A Taste of Whale
  • Henrik J. Henriksen – Chef, food writer, restaurateur and filmmaker
  • The final participant will be announced soon.

Practical information: 

  • The screening takes place in Ringen 3 at Ringen Cinema Tuesday 30.08.
  • The film starts at 20:00.
  • Conversation after the screening.


  • Institut français

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