Tue 30.08
19:30 - 21:03
Paulus Kirke
Nelly & Nadine Special Screening Buy tickets

When Nelly and Nadine met in Racensbrück concentration camp in 1944, a life-long love story began. 

Tuesday August 30th at 19:30 we invite you to a screening of the documentary NELLY & NADINE in Paulus Church at Grünerløkka. The film is about two female pioneers who stood up against the norms of the time and is a wonderful love story about two women who found each other in their darkest moments. 

The screening will be introduced by Patricia Kaatee, politcal advisor for Amnesty International Norway.

Practical Information:

Tickets for the event can be bought by following the ticket link here or through the NELLY & NADINE film page. 

Members of Amnesty get a special discount on the ticket price.

The event is in collaboration with Amnesty Interational Norway, Paulus og Sofienberg Menighet and UpNorth Film. 

More information about the event will be released closer to the festival dates. 

Doors open at 18:45.


On April 21st 1972 – just 50 years ago this year – § 213 of the Norwegian Penal Code was abolished. This was a provision that prohibited sexual intercourse between men; in others words, it is only 50 years since being queer in Norway was illegal. On the occasion of Queer Culture Year 2022 and the abolishment of § 213, we in Oslo Pix Film Festival continue the Pride celebration into the late summer, with a wish to highlight the queer stories in the festival program. Even though 50 years have passed since the decriminalization, we still have a long way to go in both Norway and the rest of the world, something we had a painful reminder of on the night before July 25th this summer. 

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