Two new, Norwegian documentaries in the program

The documentaries Trust Me and Hello World will both have their Norwegian premieres at Oslo Pix 2021.

We are truly happy to announce two brand new, Norwegian documentaries for this year’s program!

Emil Trier's highly anticipated documentary Trust Me tells the incredible story of Waleed Ahmed, the young, Norwegian entrepreneur who tricked several international investors, and is now imprisoned in Oklahoma.

Emil og nicolay05 lowres

Director of Trust Me, Emil Trier (photo: Karin Beate Nøsterud)

Kenneth Elvebakk's humorous and moving Hello World follows four young people, and gives us a window into understanding what it is like to grow up queer in Norway today.

Kenneth Elvebakk Foto Skofteland Film

Director of Hello World, Kenneth Elvebakk (photo: Skofteland Film)

The full festival program will be released on Thursday, May 20, but we will release several highlights from the program in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned here on the website and on Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter below.

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