First film released: The thriller documentary PRAYING FOR ARMAGEDDON

The first film of this year's program revealed

We are going to screen PRAYING FOR ARMAGEDDON, a terrifying thriller documentary about power, money and religion intertwining. The vast majority of society works for the world to continue to exist. But in the US, a large group of Christian fundamentalists is working to hasten doomsday.

Praying for Armageddon is a magnificent documentary film from the director of iHuman, Tonje Hessen Schei. Here she and co-director Michael Rowley follow an ever-growing evangelical movement that is convinced that Jesus will appear in Israel to take the lives of all the unbelievers.

Pfa still 016

"We are really looking forward to finally sharing Praying for Armageddon in Oslo during Oslo Pix! Fundamentalist evangelical Christians with the goal of hastening the end of the world concern us all. The film could not be more relevant to the upcoming campaigns for the US presidential election and the crisis in Israel-Palestine. Praying for Armageddon has created a lot of buzz at festivals around the world, and it's always the most exciting to come home.” Tonje Hessen Schei.

Towards the summer, we will regularly release films for this year's festival. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be as updated as possible on festival news. The festival starts on Monday 28st of August and lasts until 3rd of September. Tickets and the full program will be released on 10th of August.