Wed 30.08
18:15 - 20:34
Vega 3
Thu 31.08
20:15 - 22:14
Ringen 5
Fri 01.09
17:00 - 19:19
Ringen 3
Sat 02.09
18:15 - 20:14
Ringen 5

Golden Bear winner Payman Maadi delivers a strong performance in Milad Alamis's most recent film, starring as a restless Iranian wrestler attempting to keep his family together as they seek permission to stay in Sweden.

For the last two years, ex-wrestler Iman, his wife Maryam, and their two daughters have been living at an asylum reception center in northern Sweden. A rumor sent them fleeing from Iran, where Iman claims that he is targeted based on his politics. Alienated in a society that seems as cold as the winter outside, all four miss their home, but for Iman, returning seems impossible. Hoping to better their chances of getting residence permits, Iman goes against Maryam's wishes and joins a Swedish wrestling club. Before long, he is once again performing at a professional level, but then rumors begin to spread, and uncertainty takes root.

Director Milad Alami came to Sweden seeking asylum at six years old, and his experiences are certainly part of this film. Opponent is a relevant and potent film that balances its social criticisms with a deeply personal brand of drama, heightened by impressive acting.

«A Separation star Payman Maadi gives another riveting, on-edge performance in this promise-fulfilling second feature from Swedish-Iranian helmer Milad Alami.»
- Guy Lodge, Variety -

Jenny Lund

Nordic Council Film Prize – Q&A

After the screening of OPPONENT on Friday, 01.09 at 17.00 in Ringen 3, the film's director, Milad Alami, will participate in a Q&A.

There will also be a Q&A session with Alami following the film screening on 30.08 at 18.15 in Vega 3.

About The Nordic Council’s Film Prize

The purpose of The Nordic Council’s Film Prize is to promote Nordic film production, the Region’s film market and the long-term international position of Nordic film.

It is awarded to a full-length feature that has roots in Nordic culture and displays high standards of artistic quality and originality. Innovation is also weighted heavily. The films nominated should preferably be in one of the Nordic languages.

Read more about the Film Prize here.


Milad Alami (b. 1982) is a Swedish-Iranian director and writer. His feature debut, The Charmer (2017), received several nominations and awards at international film festivals, earning him the Silver Hugo Award for new directors at the Chicago International Film Festival. Additionally, he has directed five episodes of the TV series When the Dust Settles (2020).

This film is part of

Nordic Fiction The Nordic Council Film Prize

Original title Motståndaren

Country Sweden

Year 2023

Director Milad Alami

Screenplay Milad Alami

Cinematography Sebastian Winterø

Producer Annika Rogell

Cast Payman Maadi, Marall Nasiri, Björn Elgerd, Ardalan Esmaili, Arvin Kananian

Production Company Ape&Bjørn, Tangy

Runtime 1h 59m

Language Farsi, Swedish

Subtitles English

Genre Drama

Format DCP

Age limit 12

Links IMDb

This film is in competition for the Audience Award.

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