Tim wants to save his hometown from destruction: cockroaches have taken over and are steering the city toward total collapse. The unsafe surroundings drive Tim into a brotherhood that fights the dangerous invaders, and he is given an important mission. On his way to the mission, Tim meets someone who makes him question his perception of reality. Is there always a way back?

Cockroaches is an animated short film about exclusion and extremism that shows the catastrophic consequences our need for acceptance can have.



Adel Khan Farooq (b. 1991) is a Norwegian journalist and documentary filmmaker with a journalism degree from Oslo University College. He is also behind the documentary film Den norske islamisten, which was shown on NRK in April 2017, and the book Mine brødre (2016).

This film is part of

Oslo Pix Ung 2024

Original title Cockroaches

Country Norway

Year 2022

Director Adel Khan Farooq

Screenplay Adel Khan Farooq

Producer Lise Fearnley og Tonje Skar Reiersen

Cast Marlon Langeland, Aksel Hennie, Abdulhakim Hassane,

Production Company Mikrofilm AS

Runtime 10m

Language Norwegian

Genre Animation

Format DCP

Age limit 12

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