50 years ago, pals and petty criminals Egon, Kjell and Benny, known as Olsenbanden (The Olsen Gang) made their very first appearance on Norwegian cinema screens. The last film came out in 1999. To mark this grand anniversary, we’re organising an Olsenbanden marathon to pay tribute to an important part of Norwegian cinema history, and the franchise’s contribution to reimagining Oslo on screen.

The films do not have English subtitles. For any questions, please contact [email protected].

Original title Olsenbanden tar gull

Year 1972

Director Knut Bohwim

Screenplay Erik Balling, Henning Bahs

Cast Arve Opsahl, Carsten Byhring, Sverre Holm, Aud Schønemann, Harald Heide-Steen Jr.

Produksjonsselskap Teamfilm AS

Runtime 1h 34m

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