Volunteering at Oslo Pix

No volunteers, no festival. That's how simple it is. We are looking for engaging volunteers who want to help shape up Oslo's newest international film festival! Here you can read about this year's volunteering, what we expect from you and what benefits you can expect to receive as a volunteer.

It is as easy to sign up as a volunteer as it is to be a volunteer with us. At the bottom of the page you will find a registration form, where you are asked to specify which areas you are most interested in working with, and tell us about your motivation to participate in a volunteer team. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that everyone gets their first choice, but we'll do the best we can to ensure that everyone gets to do something exciting. You must be 18 years old to be a volunteer with us.

If you have any questions after reading through the exciting task descriptions, you are welcome to contact our producer, Ida Guldbrandsen: [email protected]

How can I contribute as a volunteer?


This is the biggest volunteering group and forms the face of the festival for the public. Here you will man the festival's infostand and will be available in the festival area between Saga and Klingenberg cinemas. Your primary task is to be well-informed about the festival and the film programme. You should be able to respond to practical questions regarding the festival, inspire visitors and ensure visibility and availability of information on the festival's venues. You will also be given varied practical tasks related to screenings and the festival environment, like administering tickets, handing out guest accreditation, helping with cleaning and admittance. You ought to be service-minded, tidy and prepared for both hectic and quiet periods of work.


Working under distribution, you will make sure to spread the word about Oslo Pix before and during the festival via handing out programme magazines in cafés, venues, the culture house and other key locales for the festival. It would be a huge advantage if you know Oslo well and have a driver's license.


The events group ensures that all events both before and during the festival - such as programme release, the opening festival, special screenings, talks and receptions - are handled smoothly. This group holds responsibility for décor, rigging, hospitality, security procurement and other practical tasks - all with the common goal of creating a fantastic festival atmosphere for the public! You should be practical-minded, flexible, and happy to work both day and night.

Rigging / Setup

On the rigging team, you will help with the set-up and dismantling of the festival site between Saga and Klingenberg, where among other things, we will have an outdoor stage and a hospitality zone. You must preferably be available on Wednesday 7 June and Monday 12 June, but it may also be necessary to work on other days. It is an advantage if you have previous experience with rigging and enjoy physical labor.


As a member of the bar team, you will be expected to operate the bar in the festival area between Saga and Klingenberg in the period 8th - 11th of June. You will work in cooperation with the bar manager, and be responsible for tapping and selling beer and other beverages to the festival guests between screenings and during talks and other events. You should have a good attitude, be patient and service-minded and enjoy meeting people.

Guest guide

Oslo Pix will be visited by international filmmakers and other guests, and as a guest guide it is your job to receive and follow up guests throughout your stay in Oslo. Guest guides meet guests at the airport, answer any questions guests may have and ensure that they are in the right place at the right time. Guest guides man a separate guest booth at the hotel and takes guests on guided tours in Oslo if they wish. You should be flexible and able to work both day and night. It is an advantage if you speak fluent English, andmore so if you can speak other European languages.


If you are particularly flexible during the festival period and would like to do a little of each, you can check this option. You will be assigned different tasks when needed, and can be contacted both before and during the festival. It is an advantage if you have a driving license and are comfortable with driving in Oslo.

Web editing committee

Web editors publish content to oslopix.no and social media daily during the festival. The writers assists the editor in transcribing interviews with festival guests and the public, covering events and soundbites from the film program. The articles will be posted in both Norwegian and English, so it is essential you have good writing skills in both languages. You should be flexible during the festival period, and it is an advantage if you can take your own photographs.

Work experience at Oslo Pix

Do you want extra responsibility and work experience with the festival production team? We want to offer students and others an insight into how a festival like Oslo Pix is put together. Therefore, we have a small number of work experience jobs with a longer duration and greater responsibility for those who want to contribute that little bit more. You will work closely with a staff mentor, who will provide training, and you will work as part of the festival team in the weeks before and during the festival. We need special assistance in the areas of events, information, school screenings and jury contact. Scope of work will vary, but in general, people in all positions should be available 100% in the festival 8th - 13th of June, and 40-60% in the weeks before the festival (start around week 21). If you want to apply for a position with us please send an email with your CV to [email protected], and include a cover letter illsutrating what you would like to work with and why.

What do we expect from our volunteers?

We expect you to show up at the agreed time and contribute to the best of your ability until the work period is over. As a volunteer you are committing to work a minimum of 15 hours. As a rule, the number of hours vary between 15 and 20 hours. Oslo Pix lasts 6 days, so you will have plenty of time to see a lot of films! After finishing work you will receive a certificate documenting your efforts.

What benefits do I get as a volunteer?

All volunteers receive a festival pass. The pass gives you access to all regular screenings and events during the festival. Volunteers are invited to film screenings and programme releases before the festival, and will be given a festival t-shirt and net for 2017. But most important of all: you get to meet lots of interesting people, and you get useful work experience and insight into how a film festival is run.

We hope you will join us to help create the world's first and best Oslo Pix festival!