We Are Screening KANDIS FOR LIFE at This Year's Festival

Dance band king, god, or just Johnny? Take a dive into the universe surrounding one of biggest dance bands in Denmark during Oslo Pix Film Festival 29.08.22 — 04.09.22.

We are continuing to reveal droplets from the festival program. The second film out is KANDIS FOR LIFE: A Danish documentary about the dance band Kanids directed by Jesper Dalgaard. 


The documentary KANDIS FOR LIFE gives an insight into the band’s history. However it is first and foremost a story about the group’s most loyal fans who are strangers to each other, but all share the same dedication to Kandis. The film gives a fascinating insight into a fan culture that triumphs over most of what you’ve seen, and a lead singer that functions as a savior that is always there for his fans. 

Keywords: Extremely moving, partly funny, about love, loneliness, and what it means to have each other. 

Read more about the film here. 

We will be releasing more of the program sporadically so keep a lookout on our social media platforms in order not to miss out.