The winning films at this year's Oslo Pix Film Festival

The jury has chosen this year's winning films.

The winner of this year's audience award will be announced on Monday, September 4th.


The section consists of eight strong fiction films produced in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland. Read about the films in the section here.

The jury consisted of Eivind Myklebost Nordengen, Heidi Palm Sandberg, and Farzad Samsami.

The jury statement

«The winner film is a movie that impressed us in many areas. From the first scene, we know that we are in very capable hands in terms of film technique – and that this will be a painful journey to witness. The film addresses a disturbing memory from a not too distant past, which unfortunately still has relevance today.

We were enthralled by a solid script, beautiful cinematography, and most importantly, fantastic performances by the film's lead cast. The story of deprivation of freedom and forced institutionalization on an island far out at sea is not new, but some elegant dramaturgical twists towards the end of the film make it feel innovative nonetheless. And the conclusion is impossible not to be moved by.

The winner is UNRULY, directed by Malou Reymann.»

Ustyrlig Bilde


The section consists of eight strong documentary films produced in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Greenland, and Iceland. Read about the films in the section here.

The jury consisted of Line Hatland, Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid, and Hanne Myren.

Jury statement: 

«The jury wants to award the prize for "Best Nordic Documentary" to a very engaging film. In the documentary, we follow a charismatic main character in a furious rebellion.

In the film's narrative, the personal development and the political struggle are deeply intertwined. The personal gives depth to the political rebellion. And the political rebellion provides an understanding of the personal conflict.

Twice Colonized Bilde

With subtle storytelling and a sensitive camera, we get an intimate insight into both everyday life and devastating tragedies without it feeling intrusive. We join a journey where the tragedies help to strengthen the political will and ability to fight, and ultimately show us hope for long-term change.

An exceptionally important and inspiring film, which sheds light on an under-told story.

The award for Best Nordic Documentary at Oslo Pix goes to TWICE COLONIZED»

0 Z4 A8533 kopi

To accept the award on behalf of the director, Bill Bering, who has worked with film festivals and the dissemination of Greenlandic film in both Denmark and Greenland for over 25 years.


The audience favorite at this year's festival was FUCKING BOONIES, directed by Frøydis Fossli Moe.

Fuckings bygda bilde