Wed 30.08
19:30 - 19:49

Rosa and Xenia are in a dysfunctional relationship. Rosa's insecurities cause her to put Xenia above herself. Xenia, feeling superior, exploits the situation, continuously feeding the dysfunction between them. Originally a performative concert of music and film conceptualized by Øyunn, Aspects was performed live in its entirety at Ultima Festival in 2022.


The film is part of PIX CRAWL. Read more about the event here.


Caroline Johansen is an improviser, actress, and director from Alta, Norway. She started her improv career in Oslo in 2009 and is still part of the ensemble at Det Andre Teatret, and got a degree from Westerdals Film and TV in 2016. She has directed several successful comedies, including Sølvrekka, Hvite gutter, BABLO, Basic Bitch, and KNEK. Cassandra Niki is an Indonesian-American director who started her career as a writer, gaining notoriety for her first book about youth culture in Jakarta. After getting a degree in photography in San Francisco, she worked as a photographer and art director for various agencies and tech companies. After years of working as a director’s assistant in Oslo, she signed with Fantefilm in 2021 to pursue her directing career.

This film is part of

Short Films

Original title Aspects

Country Norway

Year 2023

Director Øyunn, Caroline Johansen, Cassandra Niki

Screenplay Øyunn

Cinematography Karoline Finnema

Producer Siv Øyunn Kjenstad, Thorbjørn Tønder Hansen

Cast Øyunn, Gine Cornelia Pedersen

Runtime 9m

Language Norwegian

Subtitles English

Genre Short Film, Drama

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