Sun 04.09
13:00 - 13:57
Vega Salongen
Sun 04.09
14:30 - 15:27
Vega Salongen

Welcome back to Alfie Atkins fantastic world!

In Party at Alfie Atkins Alfie turns 6 years old. Aunt Fiffi is planning a birthday party, but she hosts a slightly different party than Alfie wishes for. This along with four other stories can be seen at Oslo Pix.

The screenings will be in Norwegian.

Maka Dolidze


Tomas Alfredson (1965) is a Swedish film director, the son of Hans Alfredson, who was also a Swedish actor, director, comedian, satirist and author. He made great success with Let the Right One In (2008) about a friendship between a young victim of bullying and a vampire. The film received excellent reviews and five Guldbaggen Awards in 2009.

This film is part of

Family screenings

Country Sweden

Year 2022

Director Tomas Alfredson

Screenplay Gunilla Bergström

Cinematography Simon Rudholm

Producer Tomas og Charlotte Alfredson

Cast Thorbjørn Harr

Production Company Another Park Film AB

Distribution Storytelling

Runtime 57m

Language Norwegian

Subtitles Norwegian

Genre Family, Animation

Age limit A

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