Tue 30.08
17:00 - 20:28
Ringen 1
The Emigrants The Directors Room Buy tickets

Directors Guild of Norway (NFR) arranges the frist edition of The Directors Room during Oslo Pix Film Festival. Here director Erik Poppe in conversation with Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen after the screening of his most recent film THE EMIGRANTS Tuesday August 30 at 17.00 at Ringen kino. 

The Directors Room is a in-depth conversation about the directors profession with new Norwegian films made for cinemas as its focus. 

About the film:

Kristina Nilsson and her family leaves a poor Sweden in the 1840s hoping to find a better future in the wild country of America.

THE EMIGRANTS is based on a book from Swedish literature – The Emigrant Series (1949-1959) written by Vilhelm Moberg. The first movie adaptation came out in 1971, which was directed by Jan Troell with Liv Ullmann and Max von Sydow in the leading roles. Now another great film was made based on the novel. The film depicts a group of emigrants from Sweden and their journey to the United States in 1840.

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