Get ready for this years festival

This years festivalprogram includes over 100 films, exciting debates and much more. We have collected some useful tips about how to best navigate the festival.

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Photo: Oslo Pix Filmfestival

How to navigate the festival program

You can find the program overview by clicking on 'Menu' at the top right of the website, and then selecting 'Program'. To view the list of all films, choose 'All Films'. For a chronological order, you can select 'Calendar', which will show all screenings by date. Alternatively, you can visit the 'Program Section', where all of the festival's films are sorted by sections.

You can also download the program overview here, or pick up a pocket program at one of our screening venues.

Please note that there might be changes in the program. We strive to inform about these as effectively as possible.

Events, talks and festivities

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Photo: Oslo Pix Filmfestival

Some of the festival screenings have associated events. Screenings with events are marked with a ticket icon and the name of the event below the screening time.

You can find the full list of events here.

In addition to panel discussions and festivities, some of the films will also have introductions from partners before the screening, or director's talks with guests after the screening. This means that some screenings may last a bit longer than planned. Therefore, allow for some extra time between films if you plan to watch multiple films in a day, especially if you're watching films at different cinemas.

Plan your festival week with "My films"

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Photo: Oslo Pix Filmfestival

If you plan on watching a lot of films, we recommend to create an account and organize your festival schedule using the 'My Films' feature.

  1. Start by creating a user account.
  2. Save all the films you want to watch from the program overview or from the individual film's page by clicking the heart icon in the lower right corner of the film image in the program overview, or to the right of the title/showtime on the film page.
  3. When you return to 'My Films', all the films you've selected will be listed here in chronological order.
  4. If two screenings overlap, a warning will appear. In that case, you can easily swap out one of the screenings by clicking on 'Screenings' under the film you want to change, and then clicking the heart icon next to a different screening. All performances are marked with an end time, but it's possible that the film may finish a few minutes after the scheduled end time.

Inquiries about ticketing

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Foto: Oslo Pix Filmfestival

You can purchase tickets by following the 'Buy Tickets' link from the film pages. Tickets are bought through the websites of the cinemas where the screenings take place. This means that if you need to refund a ticket, you'll have to contact the cinema directly.

There are unnumbered seats during the Oslo Pix Film Festival. That means you can sit wherever you want in the auditorium when you enter. This also makes it easy to attend the festival with friends without having to buy tickets simultaneously.

This year, Oslo Pix Film Festival is introducing something new: 'Day Passes'. These passes are only valid for either Saturday, September 2nd, or Sunday, September 3rd. The price for a day pass is 400 NOK and grants you free entry to all films scheduled for the day you've purchased the pass for.

You can find more information about day passes and everything else regarding ticketing here.

Sold out screenings

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Photo: Oslo Pix Filmfestival

Some of the festival's screenings may become sold out. When following the ticket links to these screenings and attempting to purchase tickets, you might receive an error message when trying to complete the transaction.

At Nordisk Film Kino, you can use the NFkino app to check how many tickets are left for specific screenings. We also update the film pages continuously as screenings become sold out.

Wondering what language the films you want to watch is subtitled in?

You can easily find out by checking the individual film's page and scrolling down to the technical information overview. Here, you will find information about both the language of the film and the language it is subtitled in.