Become a Part of Our Volunteer Team During Oslo Pix Film Festival 2022

Fond of film? Volunteer at Oslo Pix Film Festival 29.08.22. – 04.09.22!

We need devoted volunteers to help us create the 5th version of Oslo's international film festival, Oslo Pix Film Festival. Read more about our volunteer groups, our expectations, and what rewards our volunteers can expect here. 

What will you get as a volunteer?

All volunteers will get a festival pass, a t-shirt, and a tote bag from the festival. All volunteers are also invited all of our free events such as parties and receptions. As a volunteer during Oslo Pix Film Festival, you will get the opportunity to meet many interesting people, get work experience, and an insight into how a film festival is operated.

The application deadline is TBD. Only applicants 18 or over will be accepted. 

Apply here! 

In the form, you have the option to prioritize which volunteer group you would like to be a part of. We cannot guarantee that everyone gets their first choice. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected] 

Here are this year's volunteer groups: 

Cinema hosts and info stand  

This is the biggest group. They will meet the audience directly and be the face of the festival outward. 


Personal qualities: 


The event group makes sure the practical elements of the events go smoothly. There will be events both during and before the festival. This group has a common goal of creating a good festival experience for the audience.  


Personal qualities: 

Guest guide

Oslo Pix will be visited by international filmmakers, actors, actresses, and other guests. The guest guides are responsible for taking care of the guests during their stay in Oslo. 


Personal qualities:


The runner group will patrol between the screening locations.

Tasks: (may vary)

Personal qualities:

Outdoor cinema

A big part of our equipment will be rigged by the supplier, but we still need a team to do the remaining rig. 


Personal qualities:


This group will get the most varied tasks. The joker group will be sent to help other groups where they are needed during the festival. 

Personal qualifications:

What do we expect from our volunteers? 

We expect you to show up on time and do your best during working hours. As a volunteer, you are signing up to work a minimum of 15 hours. Preferably you can work both day shifts and evening shifts during the festival. Usually, the workload will be between 15 and 20 hours. Oslo Pix lasts for 7 days so even if you work 20 hours you will have plenty of time to watch a lot of films. After the festival is over you will get a certificate for your efforts. 

We hope you want to contribute to making the best possible Oslo Pix!